• CMake
  • MinGW compiler (one of MinGW, TDM, MinGW-W64, …)
  • Lua binaries
  • LuaRocks setup binaries
  • ZeroBrane Studio

Steps Involved

  1. Make sure the commands cmake and mingw32-gcc are accessible from a general Command Prompt
    • Install CMake; straight-forward
    • Install MinGW64; choose i686-6.2.0-posix-dwarf-rt_v5-rev0. Both archive and installer works.
    • mingw-w64 project’s MinGW only has gcc.exe while luarocks expects mingw32-gcc.exe; create a symbolic link (mklink)
  2. Download from LuaForge Lua Binaries project
    • Make sure Lua and MinGW are of the same arch
    • This contains the binaries (.exes and .dll)
    • Put them in the /bin directory e.g. F:\Apps\Lua\bin
    • LuaBinaries is preferred over Joe DF’s Builds as it depends on libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll; distributed as a separate download
  3. Download from LuaForge Lua Binaries project
    • This has the includes and libraries (except the .dll everything else is needed)
    • Put them in the right places: F:\Apps\Lua\lib and F:\Apps\Lua\include – although inc would be a better name, LuaRocks, by default, looks for include
  4. Put the bin directory in $PATH; Lua 5.3 should work now from Command Prompt.
  5. Extract somewhere (this can be removed post installation); cd to it from an elevated prompt.
  6. Run install.bat /LV 5.3 /LUA F:\Apps\Lua /P F:\Apps\LuaRocks /MW
    • This should successfully install LuaRocks. Save the logs for the information on ENV variables.
    • The LuaRocks installer directory that you extracted may be removed now.
  7. Go to the installed directory, search and install a rock.
    • luarocks install luafilesystem
  8. l = require lfs should now evaluate to something non-nil.
  9. Configure ZeroBrane Studio to use this installation of Lua 5.3 interpreter by adding this line to the user configuration file user.lua:
    path.lua53 = 'F:/Apps/Lua/bin/lua.exe'
  10. After successful installation, adding the environment variables mandated by install.bat wasn’t needed when making ZBS use this Lua.
    • Earlier setting PATH, LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH for LuaRocks and System rocktree were needed
    • If adding, do not change / into \ and keep the ?s