1. Disable Windows defaults
    1. Windows 10
      • Run → services.mscTouch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service; stop and disable
      • Disable Tablet mode under Tablet mode settings
    2. Windows 7
      • Disable Tablet PC services from the Windows Features list
      • Disable Flicks in Pen and Tablet settings
  2. Install latest manufacturer drivers before first plugging in to the system
  3. Plug in device and test
  4. Enable Force Proportions to avoid disproportionate lines
    • Tablet Area: Full
    • Screen Area: Monitor
    • Force Proportions mightn’t be available on non-Wacom driver software like Huion’s.
  5. Calibrate Pressure Curve in the app (GIMP, Krita, etc.) by setting the pressure curve to get better greys, if needed


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